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Golf in Scotland

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

With the ever growing demand for Golf Breaks in Europes warmer climates such as Spain, Portugal and Turkey, and the embarrassing fact we’d never actually played there before, we thought we’d visit Scotland to try and promote the home of golf.

Not having the time we’d like due to work commitments, we decided on a mini visit for 2 nights with 4 rounds and a couple of long drives either side. Planning where we would play was not easy with so many well known and historical courses to choose from. With 6-7 hour drives from just outside of London, we thought that this time we wouldn’t go too far North and try to stick to closer courses.

For the whole week leading up to what for us was a very exciting trip, the weather was being constantly checked and not once were we looking forward to being in waterproofs and under the umbrella for the entire trip, but that’s what looked like would happen.

With a 5am wake up call on the Friday, our first destination was the host of the 2014 Ryder Cup, Gleneagles. We were going to be playing the Kings Course, not the PGA Centenary which the USA and Europe battled it out on. Speaking to people beforehand and also since, the majority verdict has been that the Kings was a favourite…we can definitely see why. Continue reading