Cottrell Park Resort–Button Gwinnett & Mackintosh

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

UK Golf Break: View from the 2nd teeFor all of you travelling outside the area, the postcode is recognised by SatNav and takes you directly to the club.

Having travelled from quite a distance and being held up by traffic, we unfortunately didn’t get to use the practice facilities which include a driving range, putting green, short game area and also two state of the art golf simulators.

The staff in the pro shop were very friendly and helpful, but we would advise they tell golfers whether the 150 yard markers are measured from the front or middle of the greens, not an issue for us using a rangefinder but some may find it useful.

We were playing the Button Gwinnett course first and there was very much a Spanish feel in the air, very humid and some great views. There had been a lot of rain on the previous day and was also raining as we tee’d off, but didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. We decided to play off the back tees as it wasn’t a long course and even when doing so, a driver wasn’t really needed on many occasions. The fairways were well kept and pretty generous, and although the course itself is quite forgiving, there are a lot of well planted trees in the rough that can cause you a problem if you stray.

UK Golf Break: Cottrell Park Golf Resort – Button Gwinnett & Mackintosh CoursesThe greens were extremely responsive and we soon realised that any pin at the middle or front of the green had to be played as though they were at the back. Whether they are like this when it’s dry we don’t know, but they were consistent nonetheless and we enjoyed the reaction our balls were getting.

A nice little touch that we hadn’t seen before on a course was on the par 3 that would be used for any society holding a closest pin competition. On the markers for the golfer to position where their ball finished was a tape measure, only 2 weeks ago this would’ve come in handy as we had to step it out to determine the closest ball.

The grass was a little bit longer on the back tees than the others

UK Golf Break: Cottrell Park Golf Resort – Button Gwinnett & Mackintosh Courses

The grass was a little bit longer on the back tees

We had lunch (which was very reasonably priced) after we had played the Button course and then set off to play The Mackintosh. We decided to play from the championship tee’s to challenge ourselves and these certainly gave a few holes a different perspective from the white or yellow tee’s. We’re not sure these tees were used or maintained as often as the others as the grass was quite long on them.

This course was very hilly compared to the Button course and it seemed that all of the holes except the par 3’s were uphill. We had to think about our club selection quite a lot as we were trying to work out how many yards to add on or take off depending on how much higher or lower to the green we were. Make sure your battery is fully charged if using an electric trolley as one of us found out the hard way…luckily we had a spare in the car and an employee kindly gave us a lift in a buggy to change it over after 9 holes.

UK Golf Break: Cottrell Park Golf Resort – Button Gwinnett & Mackintosh CoursesAs with the Button course the greens were all consistent and very responsive. We were even getting a lot of spin out of the rough.

The Mackintosh does not run close to the clubhouse apart from the finishing hole so we advise that you stock up on food and drink as there is no opportunity to go and purchase anything after 9 holes.

All in all, we enjoyed playing both courses and taking in some of the stunning views they had to offer. We would recommend them to any level of golfer and would be sure they would enjoy it as much as we did. Check out our Facebook page for more photos and hole descriptions.

UK Golf Break: Cottrell Park Golf Resort – Button Gwinnett & Mackintosh Courses

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