The K Club – Ryder Cup Venue 2006, Ireland

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

UK Golf Break Spotlight: The K Club, IrelandAn important note about getting to The K Club if you are planning on driving there. We put the course into our satnav and set off quite early so we could utilise the practice facilities.

We were staying a mere 25 minutes from the course but unfortunately we arrived at a gate that stated this entrance was closed and to use the main gate. There were no signs or anything to help us find the main gate so after a further 30 minutes of searching, we pulled into a petrol station and were given directions.

As we approached the main gate we were still fooled as it only had signs for the hotel and smurfit course until you get a bit further in.

We parked the car and set about looking for the pro shop as yet again a lack of signage means we had to ask someone where it was.

The quality of the course looked first class and we were keen to get going.

The staff in the pro shop were very helpful and the facilities were exactly what you would expect from such a prestigious golf course. It’s always nice having a driving range hitting shots from the grass. If you’re travelling over like we did, there is no need to pack your trolley as they have a large selection of pull, push and electric ones for hire, along with a large fleet of buggies.
UK Golf Break Spotlight: The K Club, Ireland
The course was a bit more open than we expected but this means it would suit a golfer of every ability. There are however quite a few tree lined holes so a wayward tee shot could punish you with a blocked out second shot. A course guide would also be recommended as there are some very large fairway bunkers on blind holes….and not that easy to get out of!!
UK Golf Break Spotlight: The K Club, Ireland
The holes that featured any water were a joy to play as you could take in the view of a great looking hole as well as trying your best to keep your golf ball dry!
UK Golf Break Spotlight: The K Club, Ireland

UK Golf Break Spotlight: The K Club, Ireland
Like the other courses we’ve played over here, the greens are very consistent although have many tricky breaks, I’m not sure we had a straight putt all weekend! The fairways were in very good condition, but it seemed that more golfers than normal didn’t repair their divots here…something every golfer should always do. All in all, I think The K Club is somewhere you should add to your list as a played course….and afterwards, go inside to check out all the memories from The Ryder Cup!

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